- A company able to create unique products, to innovate in the decoration areas and interpret the latest trends.

- We are open to the world and to Art, Fashion and Design influences.

- Each project is a story and every story is unique and unrepeatable.

Those ideas unify to form the essence of Estudio Arqué; a company born from the passion of two italian brothers proceeding from distinct professional areas and connected by the constant search of pure design.

Andrea and Francesco Maggi, in their search for the best, renew and personalize constantly the offered service, as well as the quality of their production to answer quickly to their clients needs. Unique handmade products: surprising decorative solutions and innovative designs carefully looked to the smallest details.

"Limitations open the doors to creativity. Design without rules is nonsense."
Andrea Maggi

"Everything that can be designed already exists. A new creation isn't more than taking a right decision."
Francesco Maggi