Estudio Arqué applies the latest technologies to their stones and marbles, intending to protect them, enhance their colors, characteristics and guarantee an excellent maintenance and preservation over time.


With 3 atoms sized particles in the nano-metric scale, we apply this advanced product on the natural stone. The particles spread out over the stone surface without blocking the pores and increasing the superficial tension, not changing either the color, the tact or the aspect.


Any natural stone surface, indoors or outdoors. Depending on the surface to treat, this product can by applied with a brush, roller, airless or paint gun and compressor.


• Compared to a conventional product, it doesn't block the material pores allowing the stone to breath and age the most natural and noble way possible.
• Maximum resistance to liquid penetration. Indoors, its use is convenient with bathrooms and kitchen worktops.
• Strongly recommended outdoors as the stone naturally transpires avoiding humidity stains but preventing the absorption of rain water.
• The applying of this product allows an easier and better cleaning, preventing meteorological phenomenon.
• Anti bacterial properties and prevention for dust to enter the pores, on any kind of stone surfaces, assures an optimum preservation of the material.