Estudio Arqué accompanies its partners and clients through the whole project development to provide an integral service that includes the different steps of a project: its technical and commercial consulting, studies previous to the project, suitable supply, installation, monitoring and maintenance of the materials at the building site and even the service of a protection treatment and a professional cleaning of the stone once concluded the project. Estudio Arqué has an international team of professionals qualified to help interior designers, architects, project managers, contractors and specialists from the sector, as well as to the realization of theirs most creative and ambitious ideas, in any area: hotels, private residences, wellness centers and spa, museums, religious buildings or naval design.


Estudio Arqué has a technical team specialized in stone and mosaic, at their disposal, to advise and realize all kinds of plans or other requests to ease the development of the project, following budget or guidelines from the architect/interior designer.


A close relationship with the stylist, decorator or designer allows us to personalize each mosaic to make it unique. We have a qualified team that interprets the latest trends, the clients ideas or any special request from professionals to then re-" interpret it through mosaic language and compose the piece on the wanted surface.


Estudio Arqué disposes of a wide samples spectrum presented in various sets. The presentation and excellent quality of these stone and mosaic samples, as well as for the finishes, makes every set an easy work tool available to architects and designers.


Estudio Arqué provides to architects and designers 3D presentations/modelings to help visualize all the details of the mosaic or natural stone in the wanted location, before proceeding to the installation and therefor easing the communication with the final client.


Estudio Arqué's team provides all types of measurements; from complex plan measuring to on-site measurements, control and monitoring of the surfaces preparation, all to ensure the success of our projects.


Estudio Arqué disposes of a team made of professionals, expert installers and artisans, for the setting/placing of the materials. Likewise, we offer the possibility to send a professional to advise and monitor the installer. Estudio Arqué provides specialized technical support during the whole project development and ensures attention paid to special needs as delivery dates or personalized budgets.