In this selection, Estudio Arqué presents “Our favorites”. A journey through a meticulous selection of stones with several provenances, responding, by their colors, characteristics and finish, to the actual trends of architecture and decoration as much as to the requests of their clients. A selection that seduces through the quality and natural charm of its stones The most common of spaces gains, with every kind of stone, harmony and comfort creating warm living ambiances.
Pure white
Val d' Isére stone
Fossena stone
Asmara brown
Crema Bianco
Grigio acciaio
Bardiglio imperiale
Pietra Serena
London grey light
London grey dark
Ebano light
Ebano dark
Black Angola
Bianco Carrara Statuario
Bianco Carrara D
Bamboo vein cut
Matrix granite
Calacatta vena oro
Bronzetto Amani
Sequoia brown
Black absolute
Bardiglio nuvolato
Silk Georgette
Zebrino bianco
Zebrino nero


Decorative stones paying tribute to very ancient History. A journey in time. With more than 3000 years of History, these stones have been used in Mesopotamian and Egyptian ancient Art, as well as in the classical Greek and Roman Art, and during the Middle and Modern Ages; from the Renaissance to contemporary Art, we can today enjoy them in our houses. Simply beautiful, with a soul, selection of stones that stand out for their character and everlasting elegance enhancing any surface.
Bianco Perlino
Travertino Navona
Botticino fiorito
Crema Luna
Travertino Chiara
Travertino light vein cut
Travertino noce
Moka cream
Monaco brown
Emperador light
Emperador dark
Bianco Carrara Gioia
Calacatta Luccicoso
Black Marquina
Calacatta di Massa
Calacatta Caldia
Cipollino verde
Noir Saint Laurent
Carrara venatino
Pietra Dorata
Giallo Siena
Rosso Verona
Breccia Pontificia


Exotic, as the name suggests it a testimony of a journey to the most unusual and singular places of the five continents. Unique stones that show the infinite diversity of Nature by its color and looks. At first sight, they remind of abstract contemporary paintings that seduce by its radiance and luminosity. Some are translucent as are the onyx and can be backlit creating a warm effect, a cosy atmosphere and smooth ambiance lightning. The richness of this selection as in textures, colors and longevity, offers exclusivity and singularity to any project. A dream as much for designers than architects.
Azul Macaubas
Sodalite blue
Onyx black Canyon
Azul Imperial
Palissandro Bleuette
Black Fossil
Strianto Olimpico
Blue Acquarius Gaugin
Silver wave
Noire St. Germain
Onyx white
Onyx smeraldo
Emerald green
Costa Smeralda
Spider gold
Onyx velluto
Verde Ming
Malachite verde
Green Peace
Onda marina
Onyx verde Pakistan
Verde Amazonia
Onyx sky
Blue Jeans
Blue Louise
Iron red
Fossil wood
Onyx fantastico
Onyx shark
Brown Malibu
Onyx nuvolata
Onyx river
Onyx multicolor
Black and gold


Gemstones, usually used in jewelry for their beauty, durability and rarity (color, brightness, transparency and optic effects), form this rich selection that Estudio Arqué uses to bring to live any surface in a very glamourous way. The knowledge of our experts artisans and the use of the latest technologies allows us to work with gemstones as decorative element in order to bring class and exclusivity to an environment, creating unforgettable and unique spaces. This selection is for those who enjoy jewels; Tiger Eye’s brightness, malachite’s opacity or Amethyst’s luster. A fascinating journey and the discovery of world of elite and distinction with countless possibilities.
Amazonite gemstone
Malachite gemstone
Apatite blue
Labradorite gemstone
White quartz
White motherpearl
Gold tiger eyes
Tiger iron
Lapis lazuli gemstone
Black motherpearl
Blue tiger eyes
Pink Quartz