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Estudio Arqué pays special attention to the finish of his surfaces. With skilled craftsmen, who collect all the knowledge of the Italian masters, each surface work respecting and enhancing the natural characteristics of the stone. Artisanal elaboration combined with the latest technologies conceive every stone as a unique detail, bearer of style and elegance.
The silk finish requires craftsmanship and a careful sanding to get a special satin effect and a shine smooth and uniform, similar to stucco, with a thin and velvety touch.
The obtainment of polished surfaces with natural diamonds improves the gemmological characteristics of the stone and therefore the value of the surfaces, as well as reflecting light, tone and color.
Appreciate quality at its highest level, the texture and grain have to be raised in some of our stones. The touch finish comes from the combination of various processes (flamed, polished, sanded…) according to the stone characteristics to highlight the touch aspects inherent to every stone.
Aged finish is obtained through careful work from our skilled artisans. It gives to the stone a “lived” stone look . Effect that enhances the beauty of the stone’s natural features, witness of longevity.

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