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Perfect cut, guaranteed selection, solid and safe packaging.

The factory selection

A perfect tonality and color homogeneity.

The selection of natural stone is an artisan work, is the base of a good project.

Estudio Arqué only cuts his tiles from marble slabs.

By not using the cutting method with the block cutter, the quality of the material is raised to its highest expression.

The final result is always perfect due to the meticulous selection and dry-set in the factory.

The quality of the cut is the basis of a well-executed surface. The constant thickness of the pieces and the exact 90º corners are fundamental in natural stone and not easily achievable. Estudio Arqué guarantees the quality of the cut of all its production so that there are no excuses for the perfect completion of a project.

Perfect cut leads to the perfect installation.
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No limits to creativity

Large pieces to give continuity to surfaces, or small pieces to design with the shades of the stone. The production of tiles is cut to size. Our clients can choose the best formats according to the use and profiting of the material and with the help of our team, we can collaborate in the design of unique surfaces.

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